Praesidium's Abuse Risk Management for Organizational Leaders

This virtual training is geared towards organizational and program leadership and decision-makers in your organization.

Administrators, program directors, and supervisors play unique and essential roles in the prevention of organizational abuse. Leadership can implement strategic, empirically based prevention methods that will drastically reduce the likelihood of abuse and false allegations and can be a driving force in creating a culture of safety within the organization. Participants will learn research-based abuse risk management techniques, such as what type of policies should be formalized into practice; how to screen for abuse risk during the hiring process; how best to equip and train employees, supervisors, and caregivers with appropriate abuse prevention knowledge and skills; monitoring and supervision best practices for ensuring safety within facilities, staff-client interactions, and high-risk activities; and, how to prevent drift from standards by identifying risk trends through incident information. This presentation and discussion will guide participants through the process of identifying risks specific to their organizations so leaders can start to develop practical risk reduction plans.